Instruct-Pix2Pix API

Instruct-pix2pix powered scalable API

Access scalable, affordable and highly available REST API for on-demand text prompt driven image editing using Instruct-pix2pix AI Model.

Using this API you can edit your images by adding or removing objects by adding simple text prompts. For example, adding a prompt "Wearing a hat" adds a hat on the lady's face in below image. This can be repeated for millions of images at scale using Monster API.

Instruct-pix2pix Monster API can be accessed via this workflow:

  1. Send request API: Use this API to send a request for image generation

  2. Fetch status API: Use this API to fetch status of your image generation request

Refer to our API docs for Instruct-pix2pix use-case.

# Example CURL Request for sending an Instruct-pix2pix request

curl \
--H 'x-api-key: YOUR KEY' \
--H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--X POST '' \
--raw-data  {
  "model": "pix2pix",
  "data": {
          "prompt": "@sample prompt",
          "negprompt": "@sample negprompt",
          "init_image_url": "@sample-image.jpg"
# Example CURL Request for getting status of your request

curl --location '' \
--header 'x-api-key: 123' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer 456' \
--data '{
    "process_id" :  "f0ca09e9-aad1-11ed-aed8-5d93517c8890"

These 2 API calls are enough to generate an image using Instruct-pix2pix and to get its image URL.

Monster API offers a lot of parameters to customise your requests according to your use-case for example:

🔥 Send an image URL for editing with your text prompts.

🔥 Apply guidance scale to control image editing level.

🔥 Specify negative prompts to further optimise outputs.

For an overview, visit our Instruct-pix2pix API information page.

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