🆕Managed Datasets

This guide walks you through our new Managed Datasets service.

In response to user requests, we're thrilled to introduce the "Managed Datasets" section. It enables you to upload your bespoke datasets directly to MonsterAPI platform, providing a seamless way to finetune LLMs on your specific dataset.

With data privacy as our utmost priority, this service ensures secure, confidential utilization of your personalized datasets. Please note that currently, the dataset upload and its application are exclusively available for the LLM finetuning service.

How to Guide?

Access "Managed Datasets":

After you have logged in to your MonsterAPI account, click on Datasets section in left side menu up to access Managed Dataset feature.

Upload a Dataset:

Click on 'Upload Datasets' button on top right of page to select a dataset file from your computer. You can upload any specific dataset file upto a size of 5GB.

The following dataset formats are supported:

json, jsonl, csv, parquet

Once your dataset is uploaded, the Finetuning service will be updated automatically to enable you to select your uploaded datasets while creating a finetuning job.

As a next step, checkout how you can select your dataset and prepare it for finetuning.

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