Upcoming AI model APIs

Coming soon...

Monster API team is putting in endless effort to bring you access to the latest innovative Generative AI models by fine-tuning, improving performance and deploying them on our cost-efficient GPU cloud: Q Blocks.

One of the upcoming AI models on our platform is a Code Generation multi-lingual model brought to the open-source community by Salesforce.

This model can generate high quality code snippets to automate a lot of the menial coding stages and thus reduce the effort of developers.

We are further optimising and improving the quality of such models to serve professional use-cases and your needs.

Here's a quick snippet of a demo UI we built on our upcoming code generation API:

Code generation is one of the many upcoming use-cases that will soon be live and available via easy-to-use APIs on Monster API.

If you are interested in getting early access for upcoming AI model APIs on our platform then join our waitlist.

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